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Botany: Taxonomy of angiosperms Question Paper
Botany, Question paper
SY BSc Sem I 2007 April Question papers
Optional English # Marathi (Old syllabus) # Marathi (New syllabus) # Mathematics: Linear Algebra -I # Mathematics: Calculus of several Variables # Mathematics: Ordinary Differential Equations # Mathematics: Numerical Analysis # Physics: Mathematical Physics # Physics: Electricity and Magnetism # Botany: Taxonomy of Angiosperms # Botany: Plant ecology and utilization of plants # Zoology: Animal systematic and diversity # Zoology: Applied Zoology (Fisheries and Poultry) # Statistics: Discrete Probability distribution and Time Series # Statistics: Continuous Probability Distribution # Geography: Fundamentals of Agriculture Geography # Geography: Plant Geography # Electronic Science: Circuit Design: Principles and Applications -I # Electronic Science: Communication Systems -I # Chemistry: Physical Chemistry # Chemistry: Organic Chemistry # Microbiology: Growth physiology and systematics of Bacteria # Microbiology: Bacteria genetics and applied microbiology

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